Transforming Healthcare with Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite

Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s LifeBrite Lawsuit is a renowned medical diagnostic and healthcare company located in Atlanta, Georgia. They are committed to providing remarkable and inexpensive healthcare services to their patients. They deliver invaluable customer-focused services and quick, accurate results in the field of medical testing. They are a well-resourced, national reference laboratory, and research development center. Their services are groundbreaking and extensive with great precision for their patients.

LifeBrite is a multi-faceted medical company comprised of hospitals, laboratories, skilled nursing facilities, and health clinics. Their team of seasoned healthcare professionals, who have acquired a wealth of knowledge over decades of experience and practice in the field of medicine, are devoted to delivering cost-effective healthcare services of unsurpassed quality for uplifting patient’s health and overall experience.

They offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from medical testing to clinical facilities and hospital management. They are an authorized testing company providing services of a high standard in the field of healthcare at a reasonable cost.

Christian Fletcher Atlanta, who operates as CEO of LifeBrite, oversees all company operations and developments and focuses on the frequent application of amelioration measures for their facilities. He places a strong emphasis on providing value-based care and medical solutions to ensure a speedy recovery for patients.  He created LifeBrite to bring a revolutionary change in the provision of healthcare services and the treatment of patients.

LifeBrite Laboratories is the recipient of the best medical laboratory in Atlanta award successively for four years. They are well-equipped, packed with leading-edge technology, and highly advanced approaches for medical testing, and are determined to provide reliable and scrupulous diagnostic testing with utmost diligence.

Services Offered by LifeBrite

LifeBrite Lawsuit provides confidential and meticulous diagnostic testing for  

individuals, companies as well as healthcare professionals. Some of the testing options they provide are blood chemistry testing, molecular pathology testing, toxicology testing, lipid panel testing, STI testing, among others. They also offer Annual Health Screening, Cancer Screening, and other health-related programs for the comfort and welfare of their patients.

Introduction of Genotyping Technology for COVID-19 Testing

LifeBrite Lawsuit Labs is committed to undertaking all the mandatory precautions and actions to combat the deadly coronavirus. They acknowledge the trouble most healthcare professionals are facing in testing for COVID-19 and facilitating better patient management. As a solution, they have introduced a remarkable and unique testing approach called Genotyping Technology that will allow healthcare professionals to achieve precision in COVID-19 testing. 

To deal with this crisis in a competent manner, they are ensuring that all patients receive speedy, precise COVID-19 test results.

LifeBrite Laboratories is continuously performing highly proficient, incalculable diagnostic testing for Covid-19 by making use of their industry-leading technology.

They have also created the Respiratory Pathogen Panel that contains various bacterial respiratory pathogen testing options for separating COVID-19 from other respiratory illnesses and for helping physicians and healthcare professionals provide highly comprehensive and detailed testing results for COVID-19.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program 

Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s LifeBrite has recently launched another program called Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program that helps patients suffering from COPD and other lung disorders find efficient and advanced medical care solutions at a low cost. This program is a part of LifeBrite’s facility in Blakely and provides customized, one-on-one treatment and high-quality facilities to their patients.

With the use of cutting-edge technology and modern scientific methods for the successful treatment of patients, this program ensures that hospitalization rates are considerably reduced and patients can fully recover in a healthy, home-like environment.

Why LifeBrite is an excellent choice for Healthcare Services

Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s LifeBrite Laboratories provides laboratory testing for more than one hundred drug compounds and metabolites. They believe that the patient’s health is directly influenced by laboratory results, and therefore they strive to maintain proper accuracy in the lab testing process. Every lab test is conducted by an extremely skilled and knowledgeable team of medical experts and by adhering to stringent hygienic and safety standards.

They ensure the turnaround time between sample collection and reporting is not more than 48 hours and especially in the case of COVID-19.

LifeBrite’s pharmacogenomic approach assists healthcare professionals maintain precision in medication reconciliation and determining the right dosage for each individual patient so that there is no risk of them facing health complications later.


Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s LifeBrite is your most trusted medical compliance partner. They put forth exemplary efforts regularly to provide patients with the best healthcare services and help them celebrate each moment of their beautiful, precious lives.

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