Sport Science Beyond Sports from Christian Fletcher, Atlanta!

Let us dispel the myth that sports science applies only to athletes. Just like any other field of science, it can be utilized in day-to-day life by anyone who wants to stay fit and adopt an active lifestyle. Christian Fletcher Atlanta has accomplished this with an active lifestyle and fondness for home-cooked food. He followed in the footsteps of the athletes on the baseball diamond, specifically the Atlanta Braves.

What is Sport Science?

The study of sports science incorporates areas of physiology, sports psychology, biomechanics, anatomy, biochemistry, and biokinetics. Whoa, this sounds beyond complicated.

Wait, let’s make it simple. Sports Science & Medicine studies how the human body works and behaves during exercise, and how physical activity promotes overall health and performance. Thanks to these studies, we now have a better understanding and insight available on how the human body reacts to exercise, training, different environments, and other factors that may act as stimuli. 

Sports is no longer only a leisure activity; it has turned into a sought-out profession. Sports scientists are an integral part of the medical and coaching staff of all teams, be it soccer, baseball, or even tennis. David M. Kelly has been associated with Manchester United for over a decade and considered to be one of the best in his field. There are a lot of others who are doing great works in this field. One name from the U.S. worth mentioning is Dr. Brad DeWeese, who is a track and strength coach, also involved in the research.

How can sports science help non-athletes?

Not everyone is involved in professional sports; however, we all have at least one favorite team or athlete who we admire. If we can pick their eating habits and exercise routines, that will do the trick. Christian Fletcher Atlanta is a chef who’s enthusiastic about healthy eating. He is also an Atlanta Brave fan. 

First, we should become aware of healthy eating patterns, and secondly, we should observe physical exercise routines. Although it sounds simple, it will take a lot of discipline. It’s not easy to ignore the super attractive fast food options, which are not very friendly to our body and metabolism. Similarly, who wants to leave their comfortable couch on an afternoon and go for a quick walk in the neighborhood.

Switching to “Healthy Eating” would mean changing the way you prepare meals at home and what you order when you eat out. According to Christian Fletcher Atlanta, a meal comprised of fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein is a good baseline. By getting the essential vitamins and nutrients required for daily living and well-being, you’ll also feel more energized from cutting out chemical additives and fillers.

Similarly, when it comes to an active lifestyle, we need to include small things like walking instead of driving to a nearby store, using stairs instead of elevators, training yourself not to sit for more than 30 mins. and getting up and stretching. Just try doing these for a few days, and you will feel the difference. It’s all about cultivating good habits and staying conscious. 


We have a rich knowledge base out there due to various research done in the field of sports science. In this age of the internet, almost anything you want to know about the fittest athletes, what they eat, and how they train, it is available.

It’s a matter of deciding that you want to live a healthy and happy life by focusing on your well-being. Just keep in mind, “Quality” is more critical than “Quantity”, and this rule applies to almost all aspects of life. So, in this case, it’s not essential to eat a lot. It’s about eating smaller chunks of food at regular intervals based on their nutritional values. You can’t exercise the whole day and say, look I’m super active and super fit.

Instead, 20 min. walk daily might do wonders. Also, if you decide to lift weights, you need to first build stamina by doing fewer reps and then gradually increasing the frequency. The best way to achieve anything is to go about it naturally, as the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”. Good things and habits need time and constant effort. However, once you are in sync, they become friends for a lifetime. So why wait? Google your role model and see what and how they eat, stay active and start your journey of a healthier lifestyle.

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