How to Create Healthier Rural Communities: Learn From Christian Fletcher Atlanta

Rural communities are suffering the worst when it comes to availing proper healthcare treatment. Research reveals that rural communities have had the highest number of premature deaths while urban communities are showing improvement. However, the U.S healthcare system is incessantly being downgraded despite the country being one of the most developed. 

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lawsuit medical lab’s CEO expresses his grief towards this major downfall in the U.S healthcare system and he explains the reason behind it. Fletcher started the LifeBrite hospital group to better serve rural communities.

Christian Fletcher Atlanta says, “It’s extremely difficult for individuals and communities to enact the type of systemic change needed to catapult an entire industry as large as the U.S healthcare system into entirely new approaches. Realistically, such transformation falls to both the leaders of our country and business leaders.”

So, let’s look at how to get started on improving the rural healthcare system; 

  • Think Health Influencing Factors

Consider the upstream health influencing factors that lead to healthier lives. When dealing with a community, there are several challenges people face. So, it’s better to gauge the situation beforehand and plan. 

  • Assess The Resources

Your community’s needs, your strength, values and assets are your resources. It’s best to assess what works in the community and what doesn’t to make the healthcare system better. 

  • Focus On What Needs to Be Done

In a rural community, there are hundreds of things that may be required to be done, but it’s important to prioritize those that are most important. Once you analyze the problems of the community, decide which you’ll tackle. Without an undivided focus, every problem will seem equally important. Be sure to set realistic goals because one can’t solve a hundred problems at a time. 

  • Choose the Right Program

Take enough time to choose the programs and policies that prioritize your community’s needs and allows it to improve. By implementing healthcare programs in a systematic manner, there can be a substantial improvement over time. 


Improving rural healthcare is one of the prime tasks we should focus on. Every individual has the right to live healthy and disease-free. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lawsuit laboratory’s CEO has taken measures to improve patient’s lives. Join in the mission to improve health with LifeBrite

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