Four Facts You Need to Consider Regarding Your Cervix

A fair number of women don’t realize the importance of maintaining a healthy cervix until major illnesses arise. A woman’s uterus and ovaries receive much more attention than the cervix, but it’s important to consider the function the cervix plays in overall health.

Starting from protecting against STI diseases to helping you during childbirth, a healthy cervix plays a major role in your overall health. Therefore, the leading healthcare providers like Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite’s CEO have been offering regular cervix exams at his award-winning medical laboratory-LifeBrite.

If you have been overlooking the importance of maintaining a well-functioning cervix, here’s a guide to help you.

Four Facts about the Cervix that You Need to Know:

The small tube-shaped passage that is located at the bottom of the uterus and connected to the vagina, is called the cervix. It usually is about two inches long. During child labor, the cervix widens enough to make space for the child. 

  1. It Helps in Your Pregnancy

The miraculous part of the cervix is that it helps women conceive a baby. The mucus that the cervix produces, helps the sperm to swim into the uterus from the vagina and join an egg. When conception happens, the mucus gets thickened and plugs the cervix so that no bacteria or microbes can harm the fetus. When the baby is ready to make his way into the world, the cervical plug automatically discharges and widens up to ten centimeters to make way for the baby.

  1. It Carries the Menstrual blood

The blood that comes out during a woman’s period is from the uterus, but the cervix conjoint the uterus and the vagina and carries the blood from the uterus to the vagina. Without the cervix, there would be no other way for the menstrual blood to leave the body. 

  1. It’s Susceptible to Cancer

Although the cervix carries many responsibilities, it is also susceptible to cancer. Without regular care and checkups, women can easily be blindsided by the development of cervical cancer. Christian Fletcher Atlanta Lifebrite’s CEO has been providing annual health screening to women so that physicians can early diagnose their diseases and provide proper treatment. Research suggests that cervical cancer is preventable with regular screenings. 

  1. Smoking Causes Negative Implications to Cervical Health

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking makes the immune system less strong. Women with smoking habits tend to be less effective in fighting sexual diseases such as HPV. Research suggests tobacco may cause immense damage to cervical cell DNA. That further enhances the possibility of cervical cancer, so choose a healthy lifestyle that will keep your health maintained for a long time along with regular screenings.


Maintaining a healthy cervix is important, as it is responsible for many things that we discussed above. Regular screening is recommended to help prevent cervical diseases, but oftentimes the testing facility matters to a great extent as well. Ensure you opt for testing by an accredited facility so precision will be maintained.

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