Christian Fletcher, A Leader & Investor from Atlanta Reshaping the Realm of Healthcare

Christian Fletcher, A Leader & Investor from Atlanta Reshaping the Realm of Healthcare

When it comes to health, we all seek superiority. Superiority in diagnosis, medication, customer service, hospitality, everything. 


Well, it’s pretty justified that we never want to lose the people dear to us. So, whenever their health deteriorates, we want to be sure to provide them the best quality treatment possible. 

So, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO, an Atlanta based laboratory has been striving to reshape the realm of healthcare. They want healthcare to be accessible in every corner of the world. Seeing the downfalls of the US healthcare system while growing up, Christian Fletcher took an oath to fix the apparent issues somehow.

Speaking of LifeBrite, it’s not only a laboratory, but owner and manager of hospitals, clinics and skilled nursing facilities.

Their laboratory has been named the best laboratory in Atlanta for four consecutively years. That’s not by chance!

There has been a substantial amount of work put into providing value for patients. This article provides detailed information on Christian Fletcher’s ways to reshape healthcare. First, let’s take a look at how this laboratory was founded. 

How LifeBrite Was Founded?

Fletcher has been adding value to people’s lives since the age of 18 when he started a marketing firm to help others grow their respective companies. 

But, as they say, “People only go where they’re destined to go” So, eventually, he turned his attention to healthcare. 

Through experiences, Christian Fletcher Atlanta based company’s CEO now aspires to see the number of negative patient experiences decrease.

Lifebrite was born out of an idea to see the healthcare industry change for the better. 

3 Reasons Behind the Failing U.S Healthcare System:

According to Christian fletcher, there are three primary reasons behind the failing healthcare system: 

Healthcare expense

It’s a serious issue that needs to be looked at. Premiums are incessantly increasing under commercial insurance plans. Most of this money is being paid by patients themselves. 

The result?

A sharp rise in the number of patients paying out-of-pocket and opting not to have insurance. Fletcher believes that without the effective participation of the government, the issue will always remain constant. 

The Decrease in Salaries

When you notice a substantial amount of decrease in salaries for healthcare professionals, many great minds are refraining from pursuing a career in the medical field.

Of course, they have a justified reason to do so. After all, everyone has the right to strive for an adequate financial living when considering the cost of secondary schooling. 

Students are graduating carrying substantial educational debt and then confronted with low paying jobs, which is not very appealing.

This is one of the main reasons behind the failing healthcare system in the U.S. 

Payers Vs Providers

In this diverse world, there are people with a fair motive to provide value-based care and there are people with a motive to earn adequate compensation. Doctors are often confronted with financial viability as insurance providers are constantly looking to increase their profitability. According to Fletcher, if the healthcare system ensures transparency in reimbursement for patients and providers, the conflict would be averted. 

Steps Taken by Christian Fletcher to Bring Evolution in Healthcare:

There are several reasons why LifeBrite is the laboratory in Atlanta. The continuous evolution, integration with the latest technologies and constant strive towards making a change in the world. There are so many things Fletcher has implemented to ensure quality healthcare is provided for all patients seen at a LifeBrite facility.

Building a Healthcare Ecosystem

LifeBrite is not just a medical laboratory. Fletcher stepped in this healthcare realm to take care of patient’s needs; therefore, a medical laboratory was just the beginning. 

Hence, the team of Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO is currently striving to build its own ecosystem to take care of all patient needs. They employ some of the nation’s best physicians and technologists who are dedicated to making a real change in the world. 

Having a Clear Motto

The primary problem of most healthcare leaders is that they don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing. It’s a big question that needs to be considered.

Speaking of LifeBrite, their motto is clear; “to bring a much-needed change to healthcare and to meet all patient needs”.

This reason has prompted them to take effective actions towards their forward vision. 

Value-based Care

LifeBrite is already moving towards Value-based care. 

In order to evade the current issues healthcare is facing, LifeBrite is creating incentive programs that are dedicated to both patients and providers.


If you’re thinking Christian Fletcher LifeBrite laboratory has achieved the best awards for these three reasons only, then you’re mistaken. 

The amount of effort and dedication the entire team has put forth is immeasurable. 

Although it’s difficult for one individual to enact any systemic change to bring total transformation to an entire healthcare sector, the steps taken by LifeBrite are unimaginable, and that proves the quality of a leader.

LifeBrite, Christian Fletcher Atlanta’s medical laboratory, offers you precision in laboratory results. This further assists a healthcare provider conduct a proper diagnosis for their patients. This helps patients receive proper medication and mitigate the risk of adverse drug reactions.

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