Christian Fletcher Atlanta Man Explains the Reason Behind the Failure Of U.S Healthcare

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

The US healthcare system has become a strange commodity. Not because of the workers, but due to the insurance companies, greedy lawyers and pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, those working in this medical field are doing an exceptional job, even working double shifts to keep up with the workload. According to Christian Fletcher Atlanta and LifeBrite’s CEO, there are various reason why the healthcare sector is seeing a downfall.

Technologies are improving every single day and patients can be cured a lot faster than before, so what is wrong with the healthcare system. Why is the system failing? To answer these questions, we have to take a closer look at some of the important factors within the healthcare system. Let’s look at it one by one:

  • Insurance Companies

Christian Fletcher Atlanta says the first problem in health insurance is insurance rates. You have to be in perfect shape, under 40, and your family medical history also needs to be perfect in order to receive affordable medical insurance. Even if you start with a small premium, it will increase year after year. Another problem is the claim submission and processing times. After your insurance company receives claims, it takes weeks or even months to release payment, which costs you more in the end. Sadly, with the advancement of technologies, these problems have not improved.

  • Excessive Regulation

There are excessive government regulations for becoming a medical provider. Without proper training and knowledge, no person is allowed to perform medical procedures. The education process is very costly to become a doctor or any medical professional. As a result of that, the medical system produces fewer doctors each year, but the demand is much higher. This inevitably increases the cost of healthcare.

  • Medical Advancement

No doubt the medical industry is advancing in so many areas. Medical professionals are discovering cures for many diseases, but that does not help the general public as these new treatments are pricey. For the first few years of their launch, these treatment costs are untenable. As the cost of treatments increase, your insurance premium also starts to rise. Advancement is not a bad thing, but the cost is preclusive for the general population.

  • Paperwork

Though advancements are taking place, the paperwork involved in treatment slows things down tremendously. Healthcare has become a commodity, where you have to buy your life. No money means no treat. It is as simple as that, but instead of stating that, healthcare systems simply make the process as complicated as possible.

According to Christian Fletcher Atlanta, if the medical infrastructure has to improve, then improving the technology and redundancy alone will not help. The overall cost structure needs improvement so the general population can benefit.

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