LifeBrite Lawsuit is a leading national reference laboratory and research center, committed to providing reliable and precise medical testing services and assisting physicians in providing the best possible care to their patients. Their services range from medical testing to skilled nursing facilities and hospital management. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer friendly services with rapid, meticulous testing results.

LifeBrite, being a multi-dimensional company, manages the operation of a number of hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, health clinics and institutional pharmacies. With the aid of groundbreaking technology and the most advanced testing methods, LifeBrite Laboratories is committed to delivering the most conscientious and trustworthy medical testing results and unrivaled healthcare solutions. Their highest priority is to provide the most cost-effective testing services for individuals, companies and medical professionals.

Christian Fletcher Atlanta, founder and CEO of LifeBrite Labs, ensures his company performs indispensable medication reconciliation services at an affordable cost to ensure the healthcare services are rendered in an efficient manner. He ensures his company provides superior quality healthcare services to clients from all walks of life. LifeBrite has come a long way since its inception because of his hard work and determination. Starting from a simple diagnostic facility, he has brought LifeBrite to a level where it is recognized as the most renowned healthcare company in the nation. His core mission is to serve the underprivileged patients and provide them with the best healthcare possible. He, along with his seasoned medical professionals, work consistently to make modern diagnostics available to all patients. He envisions a future where healthcare organizations do not prioritize money-making schemes over proper treatment for patients. He has contributed extensively to the healthcare industry by offering value-based care. He is a strong supporter of wholesome manners of life, and is very proactive when it comes to spreading awareness on healthier standards of living and preventing lifestyle disorders. 

Healthcare professionals at LifeBrite are well versed and acquainted with the latest technology to deliver the most precise results. They have a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in the field of healthcare, which has made them the best in the industry. They put immense effort in employing comprehensive and cost-effective medical services, including medication monitoring services. They focus on providing ethical and dependable healthcare services and are committed to upgrading patient’s health through premium healthcare solutions.


Christian Fletcher Atlanta LifeBrite offers many healthcare programs that use cutting-edge technology and advanced scientific methods for the effective treatment of patients. Healthcare programs such as STI screening, cancer screening, annual health screening and other imperative programs are conducted by them to encourage their clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle and be more conscious about their health.

They also deliver highly meticulous results in diagnostic testing conducted by extremely qualified laboratory professionals. The tests conducted by them include toxicology testing, molecular pathology testing, blood sugar testing, thyroid testing, molecular pathology testing, general chemistry testing and lipid panel testing among several others.

They have recently introduced a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program to provide personalized care and treatment to patients suffering from COPD and other lung disorders. They have incorporated Horticulture Therapy as a part of this program so patients feel connected to nature as it has proven to help them recover faster. All the programs have been developed with the intention of reducing hospitalization rates for patients.

Taking into account the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite has taken an unparalleled and imperative approach towards testing for this novel virus. Many healthcare organizations are facing a tough time, and are encountering several obstacles in getting precise COVID-19 testing results. LifeBrite is one of the few entities that has been able to tackle this situation and are currently providing rapid results to its clients. They have come up with an innovative and unique strategy called Genotyping Technology to establish a distinction between Covid-19 and other respiratory pathogen related illnesses. In addition to this, they have also introduced a Respiratory Pathogen Panel that provides assistance to medical professionals and physicians by providing scrupulous diagnostic testing results for COVID-19. These measures taken by the company are encouraging speedy recovery of patients diagnosed with this deadly virus.

LifeBrite’s impeccable healthcare services have allowed many healthcare providers to achieve their purpose of providing care of unsurpassed quality to their patients.

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