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Three Types of Blood Tests That You Should Know About

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

There is no denying that routine testing is the most prominent way of keeping track of our well-being. Getting laboratory testing at routine intervals allows physicians to track changes over time and empower informed decisions to keep our health in check. Your doctor may recommend routine testing to be conducted from a reliable laboratory, such […]

How to Live Healthy- Explained By The Healthcare Leader Christian Fletcher Atlanta

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

According to the experts like Christian Fletcher Atlanta, people who have diabetes should aim for 120 to 250 minutes of moderate to intense workouts per week, and anyone who is over the age of 40 should include balance training as part of their weekly exercise routine. Before starting your exercises consult with your physician. Here […]

Gaze the Healthy Diet Plans One Should Follow to Lead A Better Life

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

What you eat every day affects your present and future health. Good nutrition is very important for a healthy lifestyle. According to Christian Fletcher Atlanta based Lifebrite laboratory’s CEO, when you consider your diet plans along with physical activities, it can reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes and promote […]