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Christian Fletcher Atlanta Man Explains the Reason Behind the Failure Of U.S Healthcare

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

The US healthcare system has become a strange commodity. Not because of the workers, but due to the insurance companies, greedy lawyers and pharmaceutical companies. On the other hand, those working in this medical field are doing an exceptional job, even working double shifts to keep up with the workload. According to Christian Fletcher Atlanta […]

Christian Fletcher Atlanta Explains the Benefits of Medical Testing from a Reliable Lab

Christian Fletcher Lifebrite

Laboratory testing helps physicians to ensure precise diagnosis. It also helps patients to experience proper care. Though laboratory testing often gets neglected, people tend to ignore the fact that better test results leads to a proper diagnosis. They consider compromising the quality and seeking affordability, neglecting the significance of reliable lab testing. These things distract […]

Christian Fletcher Atlanta Explains How Medical Science Is Evolving

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

Medical Science continuously advances at a fast pace and brings new treatments and medications to the forefront. Christian Fletcher Atlanta based laboratory LifeBrite’s CEO explains that technology and medicine has been advancing together for many years and benefiting medical science tremendously. As a result, millions of lives have been saved and improved. If technology continues […]

Ways In Which Hospitals Can Improve Healthcare Access

Christian Fletcher Atlanta

Hospitals and Healthcare are complementary to each other. Raising  awareness of better hospital management has given rise to better functioning of healthcare management. There are several things that hospitals should concentrate on in order to maintain quality services and generate adequate revenue. Most healthcare leaders think this can be done by evaluating a multitude of […]


LifeBrite Lawsuit is a leading national reference laboratory and research center, committed to providing reliable and precise medical testing services and assisting physicians in providing the best possible care to their patients. Their services range from medical testing to skilled nursing facilities and hospital management. They are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer friendly services with […]